Tzou Tzou Mugs

Colorful crafted handmade ceramics for your everyday life.

Hello! I’m Stavroula, one of two founders of FrankoPoP and also a self-taught ceramicist from Drama!

Like a lot of ceramicists/potters I started out with ceramics as a hobby.  I aim to create ceramics that have a special handmade feel in this world of mechanized production. My ceramics are made to be used every day. Theres just something very special about enjoying your meal in a handmade bowl, or your coffee/tea in a handmade mug. A lot of time and love goes into each and every piece I create. I create small batch, unique hand carved pottery with designs inspired by every day life!

My moto is: Imperfect is the new perfect!

The Product:

All of my ceramics are handmade using hand built techniques. Each piece is completely unique, and no two pieces will be exactly alike. For example, if you purchase two mugs, they will be similar, however they can still slightly differ in shape and size. Each will have their own unique marks and appearance. The clay body can also slightly vary in color due to the firing process. Since clay is a natural product, it is unpredictable and it’s these unique characteristics that make handmade ceramics that much more interesting.


I try to get the colors and appearance of my ceramics to be as accurate as possible in the photos, however there can be very slight differences between the photo and the actual product.

How To Care For Your Ceramics

Hand-washing is highly recommended.  With proper care, hand-made ceramics can last many lifetimes.


I do not offer refunds or exchanges for change of mind. However, if your item has arrived broken or your order is wrong then I can issue a refund or send out a replacement. In that case, you must contact me via email within 48 hours of receiving the product with photos of it in the original packaging. Damages reported after 48 hours cannot be refunded.

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